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Boutique Instrument Repairs

Luthier’s Workshop, established in 1972, has helped hundreds of loyal musicians and several quality music stores - with a variety of stringed instrument services. We’re an authorized warranty service center for Taylor Guitars, all Fender Guitar labels, and several more brands as well.

Contact us for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo repairs and specialized services you can’t find anywhere else within a 100-mile radius. FREE quotes are available!

Music Store Clientele

  • Mike’s Music, Fond du Lac 
  • Instrumental Music, Green Bay 
  • Jim’s Music, Green Bay
  • Guitar Center, Fox Valley 
  • Island Music, Fox Valley 
  • Guitar Cellar, Green Bay (closed?)
  • Angeltone Electronics, Fox Valley 
  • Dick’s Music, Green Bay 
  • Henri’s Music, Fox Valley (closed)
  • Heid Music, Fox Valley

Service Menu and Prices

Flat Hourly Rate, $60.00 will typically apply

Minimum Bench Fee, of $25.00 may apply

Electric Guitar Setup: Adjust (neck and bridge), strobe intonation - $45-55.00

Acoustic Guitar Setup: Adjust (neck and saddle) - $35.00 

Fret Dress: Level, crown, and polish existing frets - $135.00 strings included 

Complete Re-fretting: Replace all frets, level and polish - setup not included
Unbound fret-board: $275.00
Bound fret-board: $325.00  
Lacquered Maple fret-board: $375.00 and up

New Nut for Acoustic - Setup included (Strings Extra)
Bone / graphite: $60.00

New Compensated Saddle Acoustic - Setup included (Strings Extra) 
Bone: $60.00

New Nut for Electric - Setup not included
Bone/graphite: $60.00

Re-glue loose bridge, $80.00 and up

Headstock and/or neck repair: Structural repair only - $80.00 and up
Headstock and/or neck repair: Structural repair and finish - $175.00 and up
Install new pickups: If routing is necessary, flat rate applies, $40.00 per pickup

Repair loose wire or jack, $30.00 and up 

Electronic repair rate: $65.00 per hour, plus parts

Strings and installation of them are an additional cost to repair

Finish work is always estimated on a case-by-case basis

Restoration projects always estimated on a case-by-case basis
Instrument Repairs
For Stringed Instrument Repairs, Call 
Monday – Friday
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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