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About Our Custom Stringed Instrument Shop

At Luthier’s Workshop of Green Bay, WI, we specialize in the restoration and repair of valuable, vintage stringed instruments like guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins. With that in mind, our most popular services include expert fretwork, fixing broken instrument necks and headstocks, neck resets, finishes, and more.
Stringed Instrument

Stringed Instrument Repairs

The term “Luthier” stems from the French word “luth,” which means “lute,” an old-world name for “lute maker.” The making of stringed instruments, or Lutherie, falls into two main categories – stringed instruments that are plucked or strummed and stringed instruments that are played with a bow. 

We repair the first category – plucked or strummed stringed instruments.

Anthony “Tony” Louscher

Wealth of Experience

Anthony “Tony” Louscher brings a wealth of rich history and industry experience to his work each day. Repairing guitars since 1972, Tony previously worked for music industry leaders – including two California-based companies – Taylor Guitars (he was one of their first four employees) and Alembic Guitars.

Tony has won the patronage of hundreds of loyal clients, and he even offers his guitar repair expertise to several music stores in Northeast and Central Wisconsin.

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Stop by Luthier’s Workshop today for a FREE quote on your repair, restoration, or custom service. In the meantime, enjoy this video documentary about our shop. 
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